The Island

Our private island is situated 25 miles from mainland Placencia and is located on the Belize barrier reef – it’s a fishing and diving paradise, with the best fishing and diving on our doorstep.

For divers and Fishermen, no traveling an hour or more to the dive sites or fishing grounds, the continental shelf and fore reef is in our back yard!  We are on the migratory path for Whale sharks!!!


Lime caye is part of the Sapodilla cayes marine reserve and located at the southern end of the Belize barrier reef, away from the crowds (we have never shared a dive or fishing site) and the fishing and diving sites are in our back yard!

Our cabanas are rustic but comfortable with incredible views!  We are not a 5* resort but we are a 5* location!  The island is surrounded with coral reefs with an idyllic sandy beach on the west side and a coral bay on the east.  Exactly how you would imagine a paradise island would be!

We know that divers and fishermen need good food! And, of course want to eat their freshly caught fish. Our restaurant prides itself on providing scrumptious, delicious island meals.  All our our food is sourced locally and freshly made on the island.

You will feast on Lobster & conch (when in season) and as much of your freshly caught fish as you can eat.

During your stay we often visit neighboring islands, where we can fish for Bonefish from the shore.

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