The Fishing

Here on the Belizean Barrier Reef, the second biggest reef in the world, the fishing is all about variety!

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We want you to have such a great experience that you would be happy to vacation with us again. Is your first love deep sea fishing, bottom fishing, fly fishing, night fishing or free dive fishing, or even lion fish hunting or all of it?  We have the trained crew, knowledge, support structure, access to licenses very best of equipment and most importantly access to remote fishing grounds in Southern Belize where there are barely any other boats!

We can keep you fishing all day between snorkels, dives, chilling on hammocks or our idyllic beach and eating your catch!

Our boats
We love our boats! Our 38ft Luhr and 32ft custom built boat are fully equipped including out-riggers. We have a bbq grill for our fresh catch. Imagine grilling your own fish, straight from the ocean to your plate! There are toilets on board and the boats can easily accommodate 6+ people. The boats are made for deep sea fishing!

Responsible fishing

Is core to our business. The fish we catch is eaten on our remote island.   We only target non-threatened species.  All endangered species such as Blue Marlin, Shark, undersized catch and out of season fish are returned alive to the ocean habitat.  After all, when you return to fish with us again, we want to have preserved our fish stocks and you to tell your friends about that big fish you caught year after year.

Off shore deep-water species:

In shore species:


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