The Diving & Snorkelling

We love to dive, and we welcome qualified reef friendly divers.  Don’t worry if you are not a diver, the snorkelling is incredible and you can snorkel right around the island!

We offer scuba diving, snorkelling and free diving access to the reefs around our remote island and beyond. 

Our dive guides are qualified Belizean PADI Dive Masters as a minimum.  Being local they understand completely the Caribbean tropical reef life, fish, prevailing currents and topography keeping you safe at all times. 

Our diving is managed to conservative recreational limits for multiple dives. This means we will help to structure your dive profiles and times around other island activities and fishing or, should you prefer, a simple restful mix of dive, hammock and meal times for your surface intervals.


We are more than happy for you to bring your own gear, or alternatively we can supply you with well-maintained BCD’s, regulators, weights, fins, masks and snorkels. You will need to bring your own wetsuits and dive computers. We have our own air compressor on site.  

Lionfish Hunting.

We actively encourage you to help us with Lionfish culling, and our dive guides can train you in how to safely and successfully hunt this invasive species.  Lionfish hunting is fun, easy and a productive way to help the reefs in the Sapodilla cayes marine reserve.

Free diving

Free dive for Lionfish, Conch and Lobster – a highlight of the trip!  Spear and help remove the invasive Lionfish, free dive for Lobster* (seasonal) and see how deep you can dive to pick up a Queen Conch* (seasonal). And, our cooks will prepare your fresh catch for a delicious seafood dinner.

*To help protect the species, there are open and closed seasons for the Queen conch and Caribbean spiny lobster.
Email: to check the dates.

Check out our exclusive day diving trips. You can book the whole boat for you and your family and friends.  Laid back diving, personal attention and you choose the type of diving you wish to do!



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