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Scuba dive the Belize Barrier reef and World heritage site.  Dive with Eagle Rays, Sharks, Turtles, Moray eels, Huge Groupers, Dolphins, Barracudas, Manta rays and an incredible array of colourful, tropical marine species.

We are located near the best dive sites in Belize! The Belize barrier reef boasts some of the incredible diving topography in the world. Dive sheer walls, colourful fringing reefs & patch reefs.  Big schools of Eagle rays, lots of Turtles and incredible year round visibility.

Help us remove the invasive Lionfish.
Spear Lionfish, it is great fun! We only take small groups. Every diver gets individual attention from our guides. We adapt our dive sites to our divers.  Experienced and novice divers welcome.
We are lucky enough to be situated on the continental shelf on the 2nd biggest barrier reef in the world. The wall dives are spectacular and the wildlife is incredible.  We often get to swim with Whale sharks!!!
Our guests can do 2-3 dives a day! This is a dive destination where the guests get to choose how much they want to do.

Check out our exclusive day diving trips. You can book the whole boat for you and your family and friends.  Laid back diving, personal attention and you choose the type of diving you wish to do!
Scuba, free diving & snorkelling.
Free dive for Lionfish, Conch and Lobster – a highlight of the trip! Spear and help remove the invasive Lionfish, free dive for Lobster* (seasonal) and see how deep you can dive to pick up a Queen Conch* (seasonal). And, our cooks will prepare your fresh catch for a delicious seafood dinner.

*To help protect the species, there are open and closed seasons for the Queen conch and Caribbean spiny lobster.
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